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The home of video game memorabilia

In 2012, Gamerabilia became the home of video game memorabilia. The first shop of its kind, Gamerabilia offered a comprehensive range of licensed memorabilia, dedicated solely to the realm of video games, serving customers all around the world for over six years.

Now, Gamerabilia begins a new chapter as a news channel, bringing gamers all the latest news, the best deals, competitions and honest reviews of video game memorabilia. In addition, the new website now offers two directories; one listing online shops that sell video game memorabilia, and another listing local businesses where you can either buy video game memorabilia or play video games in person.

We expect both directories, and the website as a whole, to continue growing and evolving over time. If you have any feedback, or recommendations for shops or businesses to add to our directories, please let us know - we would really appreciate your help as we seek to make Gamerabilia not only home of video game memorabilia, but also an invaluable resource for all passionate gamers.